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The Joseph Lyddy Waproo Zorbel is a deluxe universal leather conditioner and cleaner. It has a blend of rich waxes and lanolin to clean, polish, beautify and preserve all smooth (not suede or nubuck) leather products regardless of colour or texture. Nourishes and beautifies leather. Recommended for both new and used articles. The conditioneråÊprotects, cleans, polishes and preserves smooth leather of all colours.

  • Contains a blend of rich waxes and lanolin.
  • Protects and clean leather products.
  • Suits all leather colour or texture.

Directions for Use:

Shake bottle. Remove surface dust. Pour small quantity into saucer or onto a soft cloth. Apply evenly and sparingly with soft cloth. Remove surplus with dry cloth to lift off soil and stains. Wait to dry then buff lightly to shine required. Note: Do not use on suede or nubuck. On delicate materials it is advisable to ‰Û÷spot test‰۪ a small area in an inconspicuous place.


  • Size: 150ml tube
  • Suits: All Leather Goods

Unisex Sizing.

Length max. (mm) Shoe Size
223 35
230 36
236 37
243 38
250 39
256 40
263 41
270 42
277 43
283 44
289 45
295 46
301 47
307 48
314 49
320 50

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